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How To Pick Your Clips!

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posted this on November 04, 2013 07:44

It is important that your highlight video showcases your ability in a way that is convenient and easy for coaches to watch. Coaches can make a decision about whether or not you may be a fit for their program in about 90 seconds. After watching your highlight reel and grabbing a quick assessment, he or she will spend time watching an un-edited match or make plans to come see you play in person.  

Here are some tips that we have gathered to help you with picking your clips!


  1. Choose clips from footage that is taken from a full court perspective.  Coaches should be able to see where the ball is coming from and also the result of the ball at all times.
  2. Choose clips from footage that is taken from the same side of the net you are playing on.
  3. A great clip starts at the serve, shows you actively involved in the play, and ends with the termination of the ball – hopefully as a result of your contact with the ball!  Don’t just show the two seconds you touch the ball.  Coaches want to see how the play develops and how well you are involved in the play.
  4. We suggest sticking with 15-20 of you best clips. Rank them as you are picking from 1-5 and then order them with your strongest clips first. Your clips can come from one match or multiple matches.
  5. Look for the following plays when choosing clips for your highlight reel, based on your position:

Outside / Right Side Hitters

  • Serve receive pass to attack for a kill
  • Transition attack for a kill
  • Attack for a kill off serve receive
  • Tip or roll-shot for a kill
  • Solo block / block assist
  • Block the setter dump
  • Serve receive pass for a teammate kill
  • Long rally where you finally terminate the ball
  • Service ace
  • Defensive play that ends in a teammate kill
  • Back row attack for a kill
  • Pick up the cover ball

Middle Blockers

  • Solo block
  • Block assist (that is closed)
  • Attack for a kill off serve receive.
  • Transition attack for a kill
  • Tip or roll-shot for a kill
  • Serve receive pass to attack for kill
  • Serve receive pass for teammate kill
  • Defense play
  • Pick up the cover ball


  • Great set off imperfect pass for a kill (running forward and setting back, running back and pushing the OH, forcing the MB etc).
  • Fooling the MB so your pin hitters have a one on one attacking situation which ends in a kill
  • Setter dump for a kill
  • Defensive play
  • Service Ace
  • Solo block / block assist
  • Pick up the cover ball

Liberos / Defensive Specialists

  • Perfect serve receive pass for teammate kill
  • Perfect serve receive pass for setter dump kill
  • Dig off the hard driven ball (down the line and cross court)
  • Run through
  • Floor move
  • Pick up the cover ball
  • Overhead pass for teammate kill
  • Setting the pin hitters for a kill
  • Downball for a kill
  • Service Ace

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